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Reading medical journals can actually be fun: how digital and social media transforms medical journal publishing

Last night, when I was searching online for an article published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), a message popped up on my screen, asking if I would like to install an app called “The JAMA Network Reader” in my Google Chrome browser. Out of curiosity, I downloaded the app and set up an […]

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Does online search really put patient privacy in danger?

A research letter published online this week in JAMA Internal Med reveals that several popular websites that provide medical information for consumers have either integrated third-party tracking elements or leaked search terms to third-parties. Those websites included some high-profile names such as the New York Times, WebMD, Weight Watchers and Men’s Health. The researcher looked […]

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How we communicate vaccine matters–another case of big data

A study published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases found that the introduction of a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer in 2006 has reduced infections with HPV by more than half among girls and young women. Another recent study published online in PLOS ONE discovered vaccination prevented between 1.1 million and 5 million cases of the flu […]

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The value of connectivity in healthcare

Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, Random House, American Red Cross, Zimmer (a medical app developer), Virgin America, GE, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Chipotle and NBC Universal–it must be difficult to imagine what can bring all these organizations together. Last Friday, they were all at a customer conference in New York City hosted by Salesforce, a technology company that […]

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Big Data and healthcare PR: from volume to value

When Edward Snowden, a former NSA employee told the world about U.S. government’s massive data mining and surveillance, we are reminded again that in today’s world, nobody is immune from effects of data. How we harness the power of data and maximize their positive effects will be an ongoing discussion. In the last few years, […]

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