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Why Foreign Companies Should Take Chinese Social Media Seriously

Over the New Year break, I took a vacation trip to Japan with my parents before we headed back to Chengdu, my hometown in China. One day, while we were riding a train in downtown Tokyo, my mom, who just finished replying to a Weixin comment on her Samsung Galaxy 3 that she bought a […]

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Has China done a good job handling H7N9?

Over the last few months, H7N9 has been making headlines around the world. As of May 9, there have been 130 identified cases. 31 of them have died and 42 of them have recovered. Fortunately, H7N9, with a fatality rate of over 20 percent, has not spread to regions outside of greater China (all identified […]

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Air Pollution in China Emphasizes the Complexity of Public Health in a Connected World

The past winter was a really bad one for people living in China–the smog in several major cities had reached record level. The issue has created several conversation peaks in China’s popular Twitter-like social network Weibo. Among the frustrated residents of cities affected the most were some of China’s super rich. Pan Shiyi, a billionaire in […]

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Live Poultry, Chinese Cuisine and H7N9

The biggest buzzword in April’s Chinese media is no doubt “H7N9,” a new type of bird flu that has infected 77 people in the country and killed 11 of them. Compared to China’s 1.3 billion people, 11 deaths might not seem significant from an epidemiological perspective, but the news has been making people nerve-racking. There are many […]

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