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Reducing Health Care Costs: It’s About Time to Try What has Worked

Over the weekend, a New York Times article, once again, highlights the soaring health care costs in the United States. The article reveals that asthma medications that tens of million people in this country rely on to control their conditions can be 35 times more expensive than in Europe—a $250 branded prescription of nasal spray […]

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Physician Communication and Patient-centered Care: What Healthcare Provider Organizations Can Do to Improve Internal Communication

In a recent article published on the blog of Harvard Business Review, economist Michael Porter emphasizes that the only solution to improve the health care system in this country is to increase the value of health care, which according to Porter is measured by outcomes achieved for patients relative to the dollar amount spent. While […]

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Seal the Deal: the Defining Role of Public Relations in Health Care Policymaking

As October 1st– the opening date of the Health Insurance Exchanges mandated by ObamaCare–is approaching, health care reform once again attracts a lot of media attention. The policy change is affecting every stakeholder in health care, from government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, physicians, insurance companies, medical device manufactures to hospitals. Some of the effects are imminent […]

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