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Why Foreign Companies Should Take Chinese Social Media Seriously

Over the New Year break, I took a vacation trip to Japan with my parents before we headed back to Chengdu, my hometown in China. One day, while we were riding a train in downtown Tokyo, my mom, who just finished replying to a Weixin comment on her Samsung Galaxy 3 that she bought a […]

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Venture capital indicates trends of digital health

The pharmaceutical industry has been experiencing some fundamental changes–outstanding efficacy and cost-effectiveness is more essential than ever for a drug to gain market access; the traditional one-size-fits-all blockbuster strategy has been increasingly challenged by personalized medicine, and the use of medicine is declining. These changes suggest the pharmaceutical industry needs to transform from “drug maker” to […]

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Transforming buzzword to outcome: how social media can help to address the diabetes pandemic

This weekend, “diabetes” is a big buzzword in social media as the 73rd American Diabetes Association Scientific Session is taking place in Chicago. So far, there have been 3,500 tweets reporting on the congress. Of those tweets, a significant portion was generated by patient advocates who often refer to themselves as members of the “Diabetes […]

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The value of connectivity in healthcare

Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, Random House, American Red Cross, Zimmer (a medical app developer), Virgin America, GE, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Chipotle and NBC Universal–it must be difficult to imagine what can bring all these organizations together. Last Friday, they were all at a customer conference in New York City hosted by Salesforce, a technology company that […]

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Big Data and healthcare PR: from volume to value

When Edward Snowden, a former NSA employee told the world about U.S. government’s massive data mining and surveillance, we are reminded again that in today’s world, nobody is immune from effects of data. How we harness the power of data and maximize their positive effects will be an ongoing discussion. In the last few years, […]

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